Puzzle games come in many shapes and forms. Coincidentally, puzzles also come in various shapes and forms. Shapes and forms can actually be the material for the puzzles as well. In a puzzling world filled with puzzles, shapes and forms, where games are a given…

Goodgame Big Farm

I understand the appeal of farming games. I do not like them (and probably never will), but I understand the hidden beauty behind it. In the beginning there are some merry folks who present you with a run-down farm and tell you it’s yours now….

Run 2

There are games in the vastness of the Internet which must be completed in a single sitting. When you start playing such a game you cannot move away until you have completed it. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, or how many tries, but…

The Company of Myself

Do you like playing games in which you have to do everything by yourself? Do you also like puzzles? If so, there is a game which you will enjoy. Name of the game is The Company of Myself, made by Eli Piilonen. It starts with…


Imagine a world where you can solve all your quarrels with a gun duel. Go on, imagine it. For example, someone takes the last beer in the supermarket in front of you and you challenge him/her/it to a gun duel, right there on isle 3….