White Day Game

Sometimes it’s all about the romance. Living in today’s twisted time, when it’s all about sex and you can basically get it on demand, romance has been pushed so far back that it is sometimes even hard to remember what it looks like. That’s why, every now and then, it’s good to have something remind you of the “shy times”, where love was procedurally generated, instead of bought. Luckily, one game has just what it takes to do it. White Day Game will take you to a beautiful hand-drawn world full of pure romance. The game was made by Amy Caves, aka AoiKotori.

White Day Game is a point-and-click game which is about 5 minutes long. You play as the main character, Koji, a high school student that happens to be in love with a girl from his class named Manami. He received some homemade chocolates from her on Valentine’s day and wants to return the favour on White Day. White Day is the day when it is expected from boys to return the favour to the girls which have gifted them earlier. Koji has decided to tell Manami that he is in love with her. Your task is to help him do that, by buying the perfect gift for her. However, how you can know what gift will she like the most? Well, for starters, you can just ask around the classroom and find out what she does or does not like. If you are able to pick the right gift, Manami will certainly be delighted! But don’t worry ; even if you pick incorrectly, you can restart the game and try again. There are multiple endings so re-playing is encouraged. At the end of the game there is one last cute touch from the developer, in which you can choose the way the couple is dressed.

White Day Game is all about the romance and that is the reason I like it.