You have some free time, you are home alone, and usually don’t play games, but you feel like it right
now. You are trying to find a good game to play, but don’t know which one to pick; there are so
many. Computer you are playing on is not meant for gaming, and you don’t have much space on it to
install any of the fancy games, and maybe you want a game to play just this once. Well, in that case, I
have good news for you! I’ve found a game you will be interested in, and all you have to do is open it
in a browser and click around with a mouse.
Evo Explores is a simple, but mind-twisting game made by tobeglad. You WILL have to think. Nothing
is what it seems, and real-world rules don’t apply there. The entire game is made of optical illusions.
Your mission is to find a way to get to the orange door. You will have to turn obstacles around on
your way, and cross the gaps on your way by moving movable parts. There is no jumping involved.
You just tap with the mouse, and Evo will go where you told him to. As you help him go further, more
complicated levels will appear. At one point there are two of you, and the only way forward is if you
help yourself.
The story in game captivating and you will get to explore Byte-people’s world, and how Digital Age
got involved in that world.
Evo Explores is a fantastic game which can be finished in half an hour. It’s a great way to kill your free
time, and each passed level will make you feel encouraged to press on. It is simple, yet complicated
enough to make you think about it even after you’re done playing.