Bob the Robber 4

Stealth is a very popular concept. Although wide in definition, it’s main concepts are the ability to move around, steal, kill, or plant objects in your surrounding all without being detected. Many games have utilised stealth to a certain degree. Amongst those games is Bob the Robber, a game series created by Flazm.

In Bob the Robber 4, the famous burglar named Bob (and played by you) has set off to France to “liberate” some high-grade antiques, such as Napoleon’s hat and some other famous relics. On your missions you will encounter several different types of security, from basic cameras to highly-trained SWAT operatives. Each mission has an alarm door which, once opened, will activate a timer. When the timer reaches zero, an inspector will appear and follow clues which lead to you. Some levels will require a couple of retry’s, so you can get the layout of the rooms and security for the mission. In order to secure the loot more easily, Bob has a couple of tricks up his sleeve as well. He can use the master key to unlock locked doors without having to lock pick them first, or use a device which will disable a camera so he doesn’t get detected. Obviously, there is a carton box as well which helps him hide in plain sight (because every security guard in the world has a blind spot for human-sized card boxes in the middle of the living room). As you go on, several suits are unlocked, each with a different perk, offering Bob some help throughout the missions.

With more than ten levels to go, and having to deal with some of them multiple times, Bob the Robber 4 offers a nice amount of play time. If you add the suspense and the need for good timing, it makes for a solid stealth game.