It takes a specific kind of person to like puzzle games. A person who likes to be presented with a challenge. A person who finds great gratification in solving a problem which at first glance seems impossible. A person who likes testing their logical thinking and finding ways around an obstacle. Most of the people who like puzzle games also enjoy a good puzzle (creating an image out of tiny pieces). Unpuzzle, a game by Kek Games, incorporated all of the above into one great game… with a twist!

The point in Unpuzzle, as the name might have suggested, isn’t in putting the pieces of puzzles together. In fact, it is the exact opposite! The entire point of the game is to have no more puzzle pieces left on the screen in each level. The game is played only with a mouse, meaning that the pieces can be dragged around. Well, not exactly dragged. You can drag the piece in a direction you want it to go and, if it is possible, the piece will fly of the screen in the given direction.

The first few levels serve as an introduction to the game, as is expected in this type of games. As the game moves on, new puzzle blocks are introduced, adding both to the difficulty of the game, and its appeal. Some pieces can be rotated, freeing other pieces in the process. Some can be teleported to another predetermined spot which in return helps manage clusters. Other pieces remain locked until a certain number of pieces has been removed from the screen. Sometimes there are symbols on multiple pieces, which means that only when all of the pieces with the same symbol on them can be removed, it will be allowed.

With 40 levels in total, the game offers a relatively short but enjoyable brain teasers for those who like puzzle games.