Midnight Spooks

Point and click adventures. Ah, the memories… Insulting swordplay of Monkey IslandTM and the intensity of Broken Sword. The slightly twisted humour of Sam & Max. Learning about the history with Day of the Tentacle. Good times… It seems to me that point and click adventures have fallen behind in the gaming community, especially when all the modern games have an online multiplayer mode. In addition we (as in everyone on Earth) are getting more and more used to instant gratification. Today’s games, if they could speak with the voice so deep from sucking the money out of players, would say something approximately like this: “Ooooh, you got 1 kill -here’s an achievement!”, leaving the poor player feeling satisfied because he did something awesome (which obviously isn’t the case), increasing his ego as a gamer and forcing him to look for more false praise, so he (or she) can get another hit of short-term satisfaction from useless ego-boosters, making a generation of impatient people who want to be praised for doing nothing at all.

Another issue is the huge shadow lurking in every corner of the world: the Internet. In the golden age of point and click games you HAD to figure the puzzles out yourself, or have an older brother (or a friend) who has passed the game and can throw you subtle hints on how to deal with a puzzle. Today, however, if you are stuck on a puzzle longer than 10 minutes, the voice in your head starts to get louder repeating that ominous phrase: “Google it!” It takes someone with great willpower to ignore that voice, which is rare today.
Oh yeah, the game.

Midnight Spooks is a short point and click adventure game made by Carmel Games in which three friends are working in a museum filled with creepy and paranormal exhibits. Their boss forbid them to go to the basement, so they decide to investigate what is hidden inside. The game is mostly straightforward, but there are some puzzles that had a different approach as it was required to use mathematics (but in a fun way!). In addition, I must confess I was surprised by the ending as well, which added to my overall experience of this game. Despite being short, it was an interesting game and a well spent fifteen minutes of my life.