Puzzle games come in many shapes and forms. Coincidentally, puzzles also come in various shapes and forms. Shapes and forms can actually be the material for the puzzles as well. In a puzzling world filled with puzzles, shapes and forms, where games are a given (puzzle games included), it is next to impossible to find that one game. I’m still looking for it, but in the meantime I’ve found a great puzzle game! Best of all, this game doesn’t only have shapes and forms and puzzles; it also has colour(s)!

As you might’ve guessed, Yellow is a puzzle game, made by Bart Bonte.

The game consists of twenty five levels, all with the same task: turn the screen yellow. “Why yellow,” you ask? I have absolutely no idea. The author of the game might know, so you should probably try contacting him about it. I, however, don’t think the colour matters. It is a simple matter of preference.

Have I mentioned the sound? The background music is one of the best gaming backgrounds I’ve ever heard. Effects are great, as well. I can’t describe how awesome the music is, cause I don’t know how. Just play the game and you’ll hear it as well. Unless you have your sound turned off. Why is your sound off at this time of day!?

Each level has a different approach to the problem, each unique in its own way. The solution is always the same, though; turn the screen yellow. Entire game can be played in a matter of minutes but I can guarantee you it will be five minutes well spent (that’s what HE said).

All in all, there’s not much left to say, except maybe one short little message to you:”Just play the game already!!