Run 2

There are games in the vastness of the Internet which must be completed in a single sitting. When you start playing such a game you cannot move away until you have completed it. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, or how many tries, but you WILL finish it and when you do, the life will once again be allowed to move on. One of those games is Run 2, a sequel of Run and a prequel of Run 3 (unlike Star Wars). The game was created by Joseph Cloutier, Alex Ostroff, Tyler Thurston and FinalCheetah.
Run 2 is a fast paced running game. At the beginning you can choose whether you will run through the levels or roller-skate through them. You are in control of a grey-ish alien who keeps running forward through the universe, jumping on long blocks which are conveniently placed there (I never said it make sense). By using the arrow keys you can move left and right, and space bar is used for jumping. However, the mechanic I found the most interesting is that even though in space, gravity is still strong with your little alien and he will always fall down if you miss the platform. Unless you bump into the platform sideways, in which case the whole world will turn by 90 degrees in the direction you are pressing. This allows for some pretty wild levels as well as the possibilities to solve them. Some levels are fast-paced puzzles and it will take you a couple (a ton) of re-tries to manage to solve them. There are 25 regular levels, and if you manage to collect a glowing orb in each level some bonus levels get unlocked.
All in all, Run 2 is an amazing game and you should play it. Go!