Goodgame Big Farm

I understand the appeal of farming games. I do not like them (and probably never will), but I understand the hidden beauty behind it. In the beginning there are some merry folks who present you with a run-down farm and tell you it’s yours now. Then they start giving you some tasks and, at the same time, putting up giant glowing arrows so you can’t go wrong. Some of them even block all the other buttons until you do what they want of you. For just a couple of clicks you level up. Every level up unlocks some new building or seed or animal or tool. Then they usually ask you to expand the farm, and so you gain even more land, without any effort whatsoever. With the land taken from some poor fellow who’s sold it to you for a ridiculously low sum of money, it’s up to you to put down some foundations for all the cool buildings you will need to keep the farm operational. And that’s where the micropayment exploiting begins. By now you surely have a whole bunch of workers ploughing, sowing, gathering the crops, feeding the chickens, feeding the cows… However, there is no way in hell you can build two buildings at the same time! Noooooo, you have to build one after another. Not to mention that in the beginning you have to wait only a couple of seconds until a whole house is done, but when you wish to build a stable, you have to wait several hours! But do not despair, for only $4.99 you can buy a few boosters or a small amount of in-game currency and use that to speed up your builds or harvests.
All that without getting any soil under your fingernails or any manure on your boots. You get all that and much more from the beautiful comfort of your chair in front your computer. Goodgame Big Farm is no different. If you like instant gratification and paying money in order to make your problems go away, dig right in!