The Company of Myself

Do you like playing games in which you have to do everything by yourself? Do you also like puzzles? If so, there is a game which you will enjoy. Name of the game is The Company of Myself, made by Eli Piilonen. It starts with a story about how the main character has only one friend, and that friend is himself. He was obssesed with two things in his life, performance and a girl named Kathryn, but both are now gone. He desires to make friends with anyone, but there is noone. He’s only got himself.
During the first few levels, he gives you clues what to do, and at the same time, he is talking about his life.
Game is played simply with arrow keys and spacebar. Arrow keys are used for movement, and spacebar is doing one nifty little trick in game; main character is moved to the beggining of the level, but a shadow of himself appears doing what he did until that moment. The longer you take to do an action, the longer you’ll wait until shadow repeats that movement. That mechanism helps you get over certain obstacles. Later in game, you’ll come across some green and pink forcefields. Through pink forcefields you can pass, but your shadows can’t, and through green forcefields you can’t pass, but your shadows can. In addition, throughout the game there will be some levers which you have to pull, one way or another.
Take your time, and prepare your nerves, because some levels are more challenging than others. However, it is fun to play, and makes your brain think outside the box, creating ideas on how to get around the obstacles or problems you run into.
All in all, The Company of Myself is a great puzzle game to keep your brain sharp.