Imagine a world where you can solve all your quarrels with a gun duel. Go on, imagine it. For example, someone takes the last beer in the supermarket in front of you and you challenge him/her/it to a gun duel, right there on isle 3. People start gathering, pushing each other around, which leads to even more gun fights. It would definitely solve the overpopulation problem rather fast. America would be great again, and would change name to Big United Lethal Law Enabled Texas, or BULLET for short. It is an interesting idea, albeit not likely to happen. However, there’s Gunblood, a gun slinging game created by CrazyGames.

Gunblood is a revolver showdown shooter. When starting the game, you have to choose a character to play with. There are ten different gunslingers available, depending on your visual and gender preferences. You can choose whoever as it does not affect the game in any way, except aesthetic value, of course. After you have chosen your character, the rounds begin. There are 9 rounds altogether, each more difficult than the other. In the first round enemy’s accuracy is 20%, and increases as you go on. After each round statistics are shown, adding bonuses for accuracy, speed and your life remaining.

The mechanics are very well designed. In order to start the match, you have to move your cursor over the gun barrel in the bottom left of your screen for 3 full seconds. If you move the cursor early the timer resets until all 3 seconds pass. That’s when the fun begins. You have to aim and shoot faster than the other guy. If you die, the game is over and you have to start from the beginning. Every two rounds there is a bonus game in which you have to shoot bottles, and avoid shooting the assistant.

Overall, Gunblood is a fun shooting game, testing both your speed and accuracy. If you add great game mechanics, you have a great way to pass the time, and have fun at the same time.