Soul Reapers

Cards are awesome. There is a whole bunch of games which can be played with cards. However, there are different types of cards. Some card games require specific cards in order to be played. With the evolution of gaming, virtual card games have evolved as well. One of those games is Soul Reapers, created by a bunch of people.

Soul Reapers is an adventure fantasy collectible card game in which you clear levels by exploring tiles and killing various monsters. Each level consists of a number of tiles hidden behind a mosaic-like image. One tile is open and that is the entrance of the level. You are only allowed to explore tiles which are in close proximity of the already opened tiles. Opening a tile will reveal one of the following: empty space, barricade of sorts, chest or some other collectible and, of course, enemies. Revealed enemies block all the tiles connected to them (even diagonal ones), so defeating them is usually necessary to clear the level. The level can be completed when the exit is found (usually on the other side of the level surrounded by obstacles and reachable only through a pre-set path).
Combat is automatic, which means that you have no influence while the combat is taking place. The only thing you can actually do is to put the best cards you’ve got in your deck before starting the level. Once the level is cleared, you can open the boxes you have collected during the exploration part. Those boxes contain artefacts which can be used to evolve the creatures you own. Sometimes you’ll need to replay a single level a couple of times in order to get all the artefacts necessary to evolve your favourite monster (you need 4 artefacts in total to level up).
With 60 levels divided into 4 chapters, Soul Reapers isn’t a quick game to finish. And once you complete the story missions, you are free to explore the beauties of player versus player matches. But be warned, this game is highly addictive!