Apple Worm

Why the lemons, Life? The metaphor is abused for so long that it became a laughing stock. Why not apples? There are stories that gods love apples. If gods love them, why don’t you, Life? Actually, I believe every living creature like apples. Could the people be like apples? Some are round and big, some are small, some are sweet and some sour. Some are red, some are yellow, and some apples are… African-American? I guess people aren’t like apples after all. But the fact remains that the worms like apples. That’s why BubbleBox Games created a game called Apple Worm.

Apple Worm is a puzzle game in which you are in control of… Can you guess? Yes, that is right! You are in control of a worm which likes to eat apples! How did you know? Oh, because of the title, I see… But I digress. The point of the game is to navigate the worm to a black hole (it’s a game, don’t ask me for meaning!). However, in order to reach it, the worm needs to grow. To do so, it needs to eat apples. For each apple eaten, the worm grows in length. Even though the premise is simple, it will sometimes take more than a few tries to reach the black hole. The puzzles are well made, and it’s easy to get stuck or fall from a ledge if the puzzle isn’t thoroughly examined. With exactly thirty levels to play, this game is perfect for a lazy evening, or for introducing a child to puzzle games.
All in all, Apple Worm is a fun, well designed game which will keep you entertained for a while, which is what browser games are all about.