The I of It

You have found yourself in front of the computer, having nothing else to do, because you already did everything you meant to, and now you want to do some playing. I have a great solution for you: just find The I of It and play on. The I of It is a platform puzzle game created by Gameshot. It is easy to play, and immensely interesting. Oh, very funny too!
It all starts with a short story: once upon a time ˝t˝ left ˝I˝, which wondered where did ˝t˝ go, and went on an exciting quest of finding his beloved companion. On his mission, he was confronted with many obstacles, but brave “I” was not the one to easily give up! Even though it meant “I” had to move to another platform evading bombs, navigating through anti-gravity, climbing enormous heights, being low, and so on… To help ˝I˝ on his mission you have to adapt his height depending on the obstacle in front of it. Although all you do is shrinking or enlarging the letter ˝I˝ by using arrow keys ˝UP˝ and ˝DOWN˝ and moving around with the arrow keys ˝LEFT˝ and ˝RIGHT˝, the fun doesn’t stop. Each time a level is passed the narrator will tell you a small part of the story. One of the best features for me was that even the effects were narrated: “Boom! Said the Bomb!” or “Ow, said I”; it fits perfectly and keeps the game fun. Another positive side of this game is that there are no defined numbers of tries you can spend; no silly highscore or timer involved, just take your time and enjoy. Of course, as you progress, the levels become more challenging, which also adds to its appeal.
I found this game rather enjoyable and well created, although it left me craving for more.