Color Switch

The world is changing. I don’t mean that in the life-was-better-when-we-were-young kind of way, but in the way that everything in this world evolves. Animals and plants adapt to their environment, us humans as well (maybe too well). In the era where the phrase “future innovations” doesn’t mean something a hundred years from now, but tomorrow, the accent on adaptation is even stronger. The same is with the games. On one hand, virtual reality is close to reaching a steady place in our gaming experience. On the other, mobile phone games are getting more players than “traditional” ones. In the era where my grandmother can be identified as a gamer because she plays games on her smartphone, I am left wondering will the consoles and PCs become obsolete in the near future?
Color Switch is a smartphone game adapted to browsers. It was made by Fortafy Games to be used on Android based phones. It is not in any way a complicated game. On the contrary, it is as simple as they get, possibly simpler than Pong (the first game ever made). It is played (in this instance) only with the left mouse button. The game starts with a colored circle in the middle of your screen. With every click on the screen the circle bounces a bit higher. In somewhat regular intervals there are rotating rings, rectangles and stripes colored in four colors, one of which matches the color of the circle you are in control of. In order to pass through the obstacles you have to time your bouncing so that the circle passes through the same-colored part of the obstacle. For doing that you get one point. Should you touch another color the game ends and your high-score is displayed.