Basketball Legends

Ball games are awesome. There are so many ways to score a point with a ball: kick it in the goal, throw it in the goal, throw it in the goal while floating in water, throw it through a loop, kick it through a Y-shaped pole high above ground, hit it with a bat, hit it with a net stretched over an oval wooden bat, hit it with a bat on a pole while riding a horse, don’t let it touch the floor and so on… Mad Puffers team decided to create a game about a ball game in which your task is to throw the ball through a loop, officially known as basketball.
Basketball Legends is a 2D sports game designed for people who love basketball. The game can be played solo or with a friend on the same keyboard. There are several types of matches to choose from. Quick match lets you play a single match and returning you to the main screen when it’s over. A solo player can do the training, where there’s no time countdown, a random match in which lets you play against a random team and a tournament, where your games’ score is recorded. In two player mode players can play against each other in 1v1 or 2v2 matches, or play together versus 2 AI players. There are 15 teams to choose from, and most of them resemble the teams which are famous worldwide. For example, L.A. Lakers are in game named Lus Angels Lakeps and so on.
The mechanics are simple, which is both a good and a bad thing. Good because it’s easy to learn the controls and there’s only so many moves which you can make in a 2D game, and the bad because the game will not always register what you are trying to do which can result in some keyboard smashing or rage quitting, or both.
Despite some drawbacks, Basketball Legends is a good game to play with or against a friend when you have some time to spare.