Bridge Constructor

We use them almost every day, without even thinking about it. There are big ones, small ones, long ones, short ones. There are tall and impressive ones and small and unnoticeable ones. Bridges are everywhere! What we do not think about is how difficult it is to plan and construct a bridge which will withstand the weight of the traffic on it, without crumbling down and killing a bunch of people. Luckily for us, ClockStone Studio created a game named Bridge Constructor.
Bridge Constructor is a two dimensional game in which you have to build bridges. I have to warn you, it is not simple and definitely not easy to achieve. With about 40 levels spread across five islands, it is a game on which you’ll be spending some time on. There are four building materials to choose from: wood (a cheap method, but cannot withstand too much weight), iron (expensive and sturdy), concrete (used for building towers for hanging bridges, very expensive) and cable (can withstand traction but doesn’t handle pressure at all, moderate price). With these four materials you have to create all the bridges in the game. It is worth mentioning that not all of them are always available for you to use, therefore improvising is a must. As if it wasn’t complicated as it is, there’s a budget limit which you cannot cross. When you are in the process of creating the bridge, there’s no gravity. By pressing the test button the gravity activates and you can watch your bridge stand proud and tall or, in most cases, collapse into a pile of rubble. You can switch between the two modes as much as you want. If your bridge can withstand gravity, it has passed the first obstacle. However, the next one is weight of the traffic on it. You can choose which type of vehicle will cross the bridge: cars are lightweight but don’t give bonus points, trucks are medium weight and tank trucks are the heaviest but provide the most bonus points if they manage to cross successfully.
All in all, Bridge Constructor is a great, well designed game which will make you pay attention to the bridges you pass on your way to work because they might give you insight on how to pass that level you’re stuck on.