Papa’s Sushiria

Some people like playing with their food and some like to play games which involve preparing food. Papa Louie by Flipline Studios is celebrating 10 years of successful food gaming. The newest game in this long series is Papa’s Sushiria.
Before starting the game you can choose between generic male and female characters or create a custom one. Then, in a short introductory movie you find out the reason why this poor soul which you picked is forced into working at Papa’s. This time it is because you broke an ornament while exiting the shop and now you are stuck working here in order to earn enough cash to buy a new ornament.
There are four working stations you need to manage at the same time. In the Order station you will take new orders on a piece of paper detailing how the customer wants their sushi. In the Cook station you have to cook the rice. Your customers can choose between white and brown rice. When the rice is done, it is rolled and sent to the Build station. In the Build station you have to put in the fillings and roll the sushi, then match the sauces with the customer’s desire. Just like in real life, some combinations are more edible than others, but hey, the customer is always right, right? When the sushi is done, you have to cut it into same sized rolls. In addition, you will have to pour the drinks from the drink-o-mat for the customer. After completing the entire order the customer will inspect your meal and give you scores based on the waiting time, the correct order of the ingredients, the quality of cooking and the drinks. All scores combined give you an average customer score on which your tips are based. The happier the customer, the greater the tip.
There are a lot of food tycoon games on the internet, but Papa Louie’s still are among the best.