Love Chase

Love Chase is a point and click kind of game, not very complicated to grasp, and also really funny. It is one of those short games which makes you feel satisfied when you finish it. If you like to play adventure games with only a few scenes in them then this is the game for you. It was made by Carmel+ Games.
Chase had a terrible day when he got fired by a boss, then his girlfriend dumped him and, in addition, he got hit by a lightning. So he decided to move to another town and to find the love of his life. However, he first has to make friends with other people in town. He eventually meets a girl but, like most women, she wants him to fulfil her a wish first. In order to do so, he has to investigate the town and find all the items he needs. By befriending other people, he gets items which he exchanges for other items until he gets the item the girl wishes for.
In the game you have five different places to investigate. Main location is Solo Apartments where he now lives and where he manages to meet a girl of his dreams. Second location is Dynasty Hotel and Casino, then there are also Magic Show Bar and laundry room, Buy-n-Save store, and a Beer pub. In each scene you have to find some item that doesn’t belong there and take it to another place. It maybe seems difficult at first, but if you pay attention to the story it won’t be. It is actually very simple and easy to figure out. The point is to make everyone happy. Simply by following the story and using a bit of common sense you will be able to finish this short but sweet game.