Jo and Momo: Forrest Rush

Welcome to the easy going, but mind and finger coordinating game. If you are interested in platform games which have colourful backgrounds, this is game for you. It’s called Jo and Momo: Forrest Rush. It is cool and easy, but a little dose of thinking about your next step is necessary. In the beginning, the game is totally easy and if you play games often, you will find yourself asking: ˝Really? This is all I have to do?˝ but have in mind that level by level the game starts to be more and more complex, ending with you actually having to plan your next step.
It gets even more complex because it has to be played with two hands: right hand is used for controlling a little guy named Jo with the arrow keys, and you have to use your left to control a cute little owl called Momo with WSAD keys. In addition to being helpful, Momo is necessary to get through the levels. To switch between them use the SHIFT key on your keyboard.
Also, have in mind that the game is addictive and you will spend more than a few minutes playing it. Actually, you can spend a few fun hours immersed in it. It has 20 levels, and in each level you have to find a way out through the door. It resembles a labyrinth and there are some spaces though which only Momo can pass because he is twice smaller than Jo. On the other side it usually presses a button which opens a path for Jo to proceed. Therefore, it is vital for this game to be played with both of them.
I can only hope you will like this game as much as I have.