Flip Diving

As long as there have been computer games, there have been sports games as well. There is no surprise that the most popular sports games are the ones which are featuring the most popular sports: football, basketball, golf… However, other sports aren’t forgotten. Although not as popular, many a sport has at least one game in which the players can do their best to replicate the experience of the real thing. People at Motionvolt Games decided that a game should be made featuring a sport that only the craziest, I mean bravest, men and women practice: flip diving.
Flip Diving is a sports simulation game in which the player has a perilous task: to control a diver jumping from mind-blowing heights. There are rules to oblige, of course. In order to start the jump, space bar on the keyboard needs to be pressed. At least one tuck needs to be done, which is done by pressing the space bar whilst in the air. Inertia needs to be taken into consideration because only acceptable landings into the water are the vertical ones: feet-first or head-first. While tucking, the character rotates faster, providing opportunity to do a successful flip. The more flips you make in one jump, the higher the score multiplier. Landing on your belly or your back will result in a game-over.
To keep things interesting, coins can be collected mid-air with which you can buy a bunch of different avatars to jump with: Bodybuilder, Businessman, Karate Diver, Teddy Costume and many more. The same coins can be invested in different tricks to perform, adding even more to the general variety of the game.
Even though the game might be found boring by some gamers, its colourful visuals and many upgrades provide enough fun for a lazy afternoon.