Some game developers know what to do. “Hmmm, the game we made was an absolute hit. Let’s make more similar, but still original games!” Not everyone succeeds, though. There are plenty of failures, even in triple A games. However, the .io franchise keeps up with the trends. In addition, they don’t make long pauses between games – they just keep ’em coming!
Splix.io is a two dimensional game set on an enormous plain which consists of gray squares. You are in charge of a small coloured circle with only one task – be the number one! By using the WASD keys (or the ARROW keys, if you are twelve) you control the movement of your circle. Starting with only 9 squares, you expand by enclosing the grey areas. As the surface of your colour grows, so do the perils. If you are out of your colour’s zone, and another player hits you sideways, you will die and the game will be over. Moreover, I noticed that other players prefer stealing your areas rather than grabbing the grey ones making you, and your highscore, smaller. The game has two different game modes. In Normal mode every man is out there alone. You can’t trust anyone and the whole world is your enemy. In Team mode, which was introduced recently, you can copy and paste URL to your friend which can then join your team and together you can try to conquer the world. What I liked was the fact that the game is being updated constantly, which means that the developers actually care about the game, otherwise they would throw it out in the depths of the Internet and would never look at it again.
All in all, splix.io is a good game. However, consider yourself warned – this game is very addictive!