You have a lot of work to do and you love quick games? You need a minute or two to take a break? I have the perfect game for you. Easy, mind blowing game where you just need to click and you don’t even have to think. Actually, you don’t even have to click. All you have to do is in some amount of time gather exact amount of Doeos by going over them with your cursor.
Doeo is a pink cube with a lion’s face that is appearing and also disappearing everywhere on screen, only to reappear again somewhere else. You have to be quick in order to get him, but no worries, it is not that fast.
This game is a short, relaxing game that can be played in few languages: English, Japanese, ? and Swedish. You have easy mode where in 40 seconds you have to gather 100 Doeos or hard mode where amount of time is the same, but goal is to gather 200 Doeos. It has five stages. At the last one, if you are skilled enough to manage to go there, you have to gather Doeos in circles, entering a portal through the open part of circle.
It is a fun and also pretty addicting game to play, because if you don’t succeed at first you will want to do it again and again, and minutes turn into hours, hours into days. Next thing you know, the boss is calling you and you lost your job… Don’t worry, it is not THAT time consuming and you will enjoy it a lot.
Also, this game won’t make you lose your job.