Wheely 8: Aliens

Little red Beetle which we all love is back, and it didn’t lose any of its charm. The adventure of Wheely continues. After the Middle Ages, the lawn mower, and time travel, this time the theme is aliens (alien cars, to be more specific). The creators of Wheely series are still the same Pegas Games Team, and even though this is their eighth Wheely game, they managed to create a new, but recognisable puzzle game.
Wheely is a platform puzzle game in which you play as Wheely, a red beetle which has a talent for getting into all sorts of weird and dangerous situations. In current episode, Wheely decides to go camping with his girlfriend. However, as soon as they start the fire, an alien spacecraft crashes near them and a couple of aliens ask Wheely for help.
The game is divided into twelve scenes, each containing puzzles and two hidden collectibles. One of the collectibles is a tire camouflaged as part of the scenery and the other one is a small model of Wheely, for which you usually need to solve a hidden puzzle. With a bit of luck and random clicking most levels can be fully completed., making Wheely a perfect game to get the younger population to get to love adventure and logic games.
As for the puzzles, they mostly contain of a series of levers and buttons which need to be pressed in order to advance. However, some levels require good timing while others require speed. Like in any other good puzzle game, some puzzles can be solved within seconds after the scene starts while others require you to sit back and think about your next move.
All in all, Wheely 8: Aliens is yet another great game from the Pegas Games Team, and, hopefully, there will be many more adventures containing our favourite red beetle.