String Theory

I have skimmed through the Wikipedia page looking for an explanation of string theory which I would use as an intro in this review, but I couldn’t, for the life of me, understand anything at all. Unlike the complex string theory in physics, the game with the same name is not all that difficult to understand. The game was made by Jam Team.
String Theory is a short, 2D logic puzzle game in which you follow the story of two different characters, lost somewhere in between the space and time planes. One character is symbolised as a pink circle while the other is a grey rectangle. On every level your task is to make sure that the circle or the rectangle safely make it to their black holes, which can be recognised by their shape. On later levels you are required to transfer both the circle and the rectangle to their black holes. After finishing each level, and before starting the next one, there is a short monologue, shedding a bit of light on this story. The text is followed by recordings of the characters involved, which is a nice touch for such a small game. When the characters meet, their monologues turn into dialogue, keeping you interested in what will happen next. Unfortunately, the game is too short to provide a fulfilling story and the levels can be finished with a couple of trial and error test runs.
The mechanics of the game are simple. By altering the strings on which the shapes are resting, you are able to move them around. Some strings can be manipulated freely, some are fixed and some will bounce the shapes off them. With such an interesting concept, it is truly a shame there are so few levels to enjoy in this game.