The Internet. A place where everyone can find what they need, if they know how to search for it. A place filled with so many information that it is impossible to even begin imagining it. A virtual playground for billions of people. In the depths of this amazing sea, there is a game. A game created by Rainbow Train. The game’s name is klocki.
klocki is a puzzle game. A relatively simple puzzle game. The type of game in which you only need to use the left mouse button. Oh… and your brain too. It is a relaxing game, not too hard on you. It is a type of game which goes well with a cup of tea, in the early afternoon. Cookies too, if you don’t mind the crumbs all over your keyboard. However, consider yourself warned: it is rather addictive. It will suck you right in and make you forget about the dinner reservation you made for tonight. It’s just that addictive.
“What’s so special about this game, whose name doesn’t have a capital letter in it?” you ask. Nothing. Well, obviously it’s different from other puzzle games, otherwise it would be boring, and I wouldn’t review it. “Is it the best puzzle game ever?” No. At least I don’t think so. There are better and there are worse games. This one just feels right.
It is a game of connections. You are given a set of rectangles with lines drawn on them and your task is to close the circuit. Some rectangles have straight lines, some have curved lines and some have the end of the line. It starts simple, in one dimension. As you progress, you end up connecting a whole bunch of lines on various three-dimensional shapes. The catch is that you can only swap the rectangles which exist in the same dimension.
And that’s it. That’s all there is to klocki. Even though there’s not much to it, it is still a mighty fine game to play.