Easy Joe

Sometimes games don’t have to have great looks in order to impress. Sometimes they are laid back, relaxing, and that’s what gives them value. Easy Joe, created by GamyStar, is one of those games.
Do you have 5 minutes to spare while waiting for someone? Are you bored, but also happen to like playing games? I might have a perfect adventure game for you. It will take you exactly five minutes of your time and it will make you feel better about yourself. All you have to do is point-and-click, but be aware, order of clicking is what matters most in this game. Trust me, it’s not that hard, but it will activate your brain a little. So come along, and spend your five minutes in a funny way.
Easy Joe is a point-and-click kind of game. Joe is a little, green, cute bunny, I think (it is drawn in a minimalist manner which makes it hard to tell). On the first scene you get a hint on how to play, and from there on the mechanism never changes. Whole game is made in two colours, green and pink. Green things are more important than pink ones, but only by combining everything can you make Joe go further and further. You will have to pass several stages to finish it, but, in essence, all you have to do is make a clear path to let Joe move on and see the world. You will come across some obstacles that you will have to pass, in order to make Joe happy.
All in all, Easy Joe is an easy game, but as I mentioned before, the game doesn’t have to be beautiful on the outside to have value, it’s the beard on the inside which counts.