Lunar Lander

If I were to choose one aspect which is lacking in modern games, I would choose difficulty. The games currently available on the market have beautiful graphics, somewhat superficial stories and, of course, a lot of extra content which needs to be paid for. But where a great majority of today’s games tend to fail is the amount of effort needed to succeed. It is understandable that in an impatient world, pay to win games have the best chances of providing income to their creators, but a true gamer likes a decent challenge, regardless of the genre or the title of the game. Lunar Lander, made by dixiklo, offers a refreshing change.
Lunar Lander is an arcade game in which the player has to land a spaceship. Although landing a spaceship is never easy (I can only assume since I have never personally tried it), the game proves it to be quite a challenging task. You are in control of a small spaceship which must land on a specific place on the moon marked by a green line. Obeying the rules of gravity and acceleration, it is your duty to control the spaceship and safely land on the green line. It is no easy task, though. The spaceship must land in an upward position and any other contact with the moons’ surface will result in an explosion.
There are only few levels to play but getting the hang of the controls can take some time. In addition, every next level has a steady increase in difficulty requiring numerous retries, all leading to the final mission which tests both your skill and your patience.
Albeit short, Lunar Lander is a game which does not impress with its graphics or special effects but with the simplicity and the feeling of achievement which fills the player when a level is successfully completed.