Electric Box 2

It is hard to imagine life without electricity. What would we do? What is now a simple task of searching for information by just typing it into Google would end up with ten encyclopedias scattered throughout the living room. We wouldn’t disappear of the face of the Earth but the Earth would disappear from in front of our face. We love electricity and so does Twinkle Star Games Studio, the creators of Electric Box 2.

Electric Box 2 is a logical puzzle game involving a bit of science and physics. The goal universal to all levels is to transport an electrical current from the source to the target. Before you decide to grab a lengthy copper wire let me tell you that wires are preset on each level. However, various devices (such as light bulbs, teapots, lasers, fans etc.) as well as their counter parts (solar panels, sensors, generators etc.) are available. Each level requires a thoughtful approach and a fair amount of combining and moving parts around. It is not uncommon to spend ten to twenty minutes per level but once the target turns green after you’ve tweaked with a couple of gadgets all problems seem so minor and you can’t wait to see what the next puzzle has to offer (which is a quality only good puzzle games have). There are forty levels in Electric Box 2 but that might as well be considered as an introduction to the world of custom made levels created by other players.

All in all, Electric Box 2 provides some great challenges, which are certain to keep you attached to the game until the last level. It is a great puzzle game and I am left hoping for another sequel to test the limits of my brain as well as my physics knowledge.