The world is evolving. Each aspect of our lives is constantly changing, improving, adapting to the time we live in. Same thing is happening with games. In the last twenty or so years games have evolved as well. What was a revolution in the gaming experience at that time now remains as a nostalgic thought. Back then there were no possibilities of hyper realistic graphics and, honestly, they weren’t needed because games produced enough experience with their difficult levels and arcade style. Cubefield, made by Yo Arcade, offers a time-travelling experience and returns the player to the early stages of gaming.
Cubefield is an arcade game created in a retro fashion. It is a game which requires the player to only use two buttons: left and right arrow keys. The player is in charge of a rocket (actually, it is just a pyramidal shape facing forward, but one of the advantages of old games was that it gave the player freedom of imagination) which is travelling straight forward. However, just travelling forward isn’t much of a challenge therefore red, orange and yellow boxes are randomly spawned a short distance ahead of the rocket. By using left and right arrow keys your task is simple yet challenging: avoid all boxes. The goal of the game is to prolong the flight for as long as possible because the distance travelled equals the score achieved. This type of game isn’t made to be finished but to keep playing and breaking your high score over and over again, just like in old times.
All in all, Cubefield provides an amazing experience for the gaming veterans who remember the thrill of playing the game regardless of the graphic quality. It is a gem and should not be lost in the forests of modern gaming.