There is a pandemic of zombie games on the internet today. Survive and/or prevent the zombie apocalypse or just kill as many brain-eaters as you can seems to be the general motivation for those games. Rarely can one find a game which puts you in control of the zombies. As luck would have it, Zombidle, created by Berzerk Studio, is exactly that type of game!

Zombidle is an idle clicker game, meaning that you will progress even if you get up and leave the room while the game is running. Of course, there are mechanisms that still force you to play, such as the upgrades or the amount of damage which you deal when you are the one clicking around. The focus of the game is on destroying the human structures which have more and more health as you play on. Every once in a while there is a boss with massive amounts of health which tests your strength. In order to follow the game’s pace, you have to upgrade yourself and your units, which can be bought appropriately with skulls collected from destroyed buildings. There are several zombie types which you can unlock and level, as well as their abilities, which are unlocked by levelling up. The player is in control of a zombie necromancer and, as I mentioned before, your active clicks deal the most damage.

The game, with roles reversed, proves to be an interesting concept and is pretty well adjusted to the needs of the modern player. However, after a while, it gets repetitive and after that, just plain boring to play. Sure, there are achievements to be unlocked, but in today’s world, with so many marvellous games to play, unlocking achievements seems like a waste of time.