In order to determine your age, I will ask you a simple question: Do you remember playing Snake on Nokia 3310? If your answer is yes, then all you need to do is try, a modern, multiplayer version of the old Nokia game. However, if your answer is no, keep reading and educate yourself. is‘s younger sibling, and it’s already almost as popular as its older counterpart. is a rather simple game to play, but difficult to master. The game is played using only the mouse and the goal… Well, the goal is to survive as long as you possibly can. When you start the game, you are a small worm on a top down surface. As in life itself, once you spawn you start going forwards. By collecting colourful glowing spheres you slowly grow. The goal is to have the biggest length possible without dying. Trust me when I say, being the biggest snake will take quite a bit of your time. When I first played, at one point my whole screen was occupied by someone’s snake, and the best part is I didn’t even see the whole thing. If you touch another snake’s body, you will die, so avoiding giant snakes while you are still small is the best way to go. If you find yourself in a tight spot, left mouse button can be your best friend. By pressing LMB you gain a temporary boost to your speed and, combined with some good manoeuvring, it can save your life. What I learned the hard way is that the enemies who are more skilled can use the same skill to position themselves in front of you in order for you to crash into them and die. One time a huge snake just kept making circles around me and I was trapped inside doing small circles of my own, until I finally crashed into him to start over.
Therefore, arm yourself with some reflexes and a bag of patience and enjoy!