Microbe Combat

Microbes are all around us. Literally everything you can think of is covered with thousands of millions of little life forms. Some of them are helpful to our race, others… well… not so much. But most of the time we just forget that they exist and do whatever it is that we do. Some of us play games. Others create games for us to play. Hero Interactive, for example, has created Microbe Combat, and that’s what this review is all about.
Microbe Combat is a mouse-only action game in which you take a roll of a small microbe. Your task through the levels is to eat the particles which randomly spawn on the screen and grow. Once you’ve grown enough, you are able to consume the enemy microbes which are trying to do the same to you. Once you’ve collected enough particles, additional powers appear, such as splitting in two, extra speed or growth for a short amount of time. Additional caution is advised as there are viruses in the game as well, which infect your cell if you pass over them, making you weak until you eventually die. However, the same goes for the enemy which, if played smart, can make the difference between winning or losing the game.
What I found charming is the backgrounds which change every few levels. Some resemble Petri’s dishes in which microbes are cultivated in laboratories, while others represent the inside of a blood vessel.
What can be considered both as a plus and a minus of the game is its fast pace. your microbe moves fast across the screen and controlling the movement with the mouse can be rather frustrating at times. Another rather irritating aspect is the fact there are no boundaries, meaning both you and the enemy can leave the screen, loosing visibility and increasing the chance of accidentally consuming the virus
All in all, Microbe Combat is a great game for those with steel nerves and a good, precise mouse.