Legends of Honor

Medieval times, as well as mythology, always have been a never-ending inspiration for strategic games. Therefore, it is no wonder that Legends of Honor, created by Goodgame studios, decided to follow the beaten track with their new game.

Legends of Honor is a Massively Multiplayer Online strategy/war game set in a fictional medieval world. Its style resembles the world popular browser game, Travian. However, there are some bits and pieces which increase the rating of this game over others, very similar to one another. The first ten levels of your kingdom are earned via tutorial which forces you to buy, upgrade and fight, and to do so until you know it by heart. Buildings are generic: House, Blacksmith, Barracks, Walls, Keep, Lumber Mill etc. Even though there are several units to choose from, they all fall into three categories: infantry, ranged and cavalry. Building structures and units, as well as upgrades, takes time and only last five minutes of the build can be skipped for free. What seems to be a standard pattern in this type of game is that you have to pay real money in order to gain advantage or protect yourself from other people who like to waste their money on in-game purchases, which is downgrading the overall experience of the game. As for the innovations, there are multiple heroes which you control on the map which can simultaneously fight and gather resources for your kingdom, which is a welcome change. The other segment that I found potentially usefully is the possibility of manually harvesting stone and wood from you castle’s surroundings. You only get one resource per click, and when missing several hundred, it feels this option is implemented just to make you think you have some control over your resources. For everything else there is PayPal.

Even though I enjoyed getting my small kingdom on its feet, I can’t help but feel playing this game further will waste a huge amount of my time (or money, but I don’t fall into the trap of in-game shopping) with nothing to show in the end.