Deterministic Dungeon

Games in which the player is the one making choices which affect the story have been on the rise lately. It comes as no surprise considering there’s plenty of approaches to the subject. But what happens once you are left to determine the gameplay instead of the story itself? Deterministic Dungeon, created by PestoForce, has taken up the challenge and managed to create an interesting game.
Deterministic Dungeon is, as the title suggests, a dungeon crawler. However, this one comes with a twist. In the short intro, a programmer informs you that he is sick of coding and that from now on, you will create the game. First, though, you have to pick the character. There is a randomised sequence of character and you have to push the button to stop it. Whichever character it stops on is your main hero. The same goes for the name which consists of two randomised words which you stop and the combination of the two is your character’s name.
The gameplay is created in a similar way; at the beginning of each level, which is 3×3 rooms big, you have to stop the randomising pattern for each room in order to determine where the doors will be. After you have successfully managed to do so, you have to place the start of the level and the stairs to the next one. In some cases you will have to place the boss and several other instances such as loot chests. As you might have figured by now, the combat is resolved in the same way. Each time you enter a room there is a set of numbers (usually from 0 to 3) and you have to press the button to stop it, which in return determines how many enemies you will have to fight. Same goes for the type of the enemies and the attack value.
All things considered, Deterministic Dungeon has a refreshing new approach to the dungeon crawling genre, making it very hard to stop playing once you’ve started.