Every once in a while, a game is created. Even though there are a whole bunch of games all around us, this new game is special. “What makes it so special?”, you ask. There is a palette of things that make a game special. Most of the times it’s graphics. Sometimes it is the gameplay. Rarely it is the story. Music can also be a great influence on the quality of the game. Humour can produce a spark as well. I guess you want me to tell you what makes Jumphobia so special? All right.

Jumphobia was created by Wix Games. It is a puzzle platform game, which means there are puzzles to be solved (obviously) on platform based levels. I can hear you thinking sarcastically:”Oh great, another Super Mario copy!” Sorry to interrupt your thinking process, but Jumphobia is nothing like Super Mario. Even though the game is played with keyboard arrows only, it is one of the best puzzle games I’ve played.

The goal of each level is to reach the tunnel which leads to the next level. Pretty straightforward, right? Wrong! As the title already hints, you cannot use the jump button in this game. That doesn’t mean that your character can’t jump, though. When you walk straight from a cliff your character will automatically jump in the air before plummeting down. Of course, you are not supposed to randomly jump of the cliffs; spikes, saws and monsters are placed all around to present a challenge. As if that wasn’t enough, jumping platforms, vanishing blocks, fans and balloons make it even harder. On top of that, in some levels even the gravity can be changed.
Have I told you about the music? The music is fitted perfectly into the game making this one of my favourite puzzle games ever!