Balloon in a Wasteland

Hot air balloons are awesome! They are the bigger version of those helium filled balloons we used to buy and which, when they were accidentally released, flew up and up until they were just a dot in our sight… After that all we had was a wish to be able to fly away with a balloon. Surprisingly enough, Balloon In a Wasteland does not have a balloon as its centrepiece. Sure, there is a hot air balloon in the game and it is vital to finishing the game, but that is not what makes this game fun.

Balloon In a Wasteland is a defensive action shooter. After landing in a wasteland, you need to repair your hot air balloon and escape. In the meantime, countless waves of shadow monsters are trying to make you their dinner. As any true survivalist would do, you decide to… well… survive! By killing the monsters you earn money which you can spend on travelling merchants between waves. Some merchants sell traps to help slow and kill monsters, others offer upgrades to your fort or even turrets for some extra protection. There is a gun merchant as well which deals in guns and their upgrades. For those who wish to put a bit of extra effort into the game there are twenty achievements to be unlocked.

Although the main mission is to re-inflate your hot air balloon, I’ve found out that shooting and upgrading parts of the game kept me playing on. The game isn’t very hard to master, and the ending can be reached rather quickly.
All in all, Balloon In a Wasteland is a great game, which is not all that surprising due to the fact it was developed by Armor Games.