Running Fred

Every once in a while, it is a good idea to play a game of skill. Trying to get a better score than the previous time is a good way to spend some time, relax and enjoy. Either that or waste some time, get frustrated and go do something else. I guess it depends on the personality of the player and the qualities of the game. Running Fred can be both: equally fun and frustrating, playable for a while before doing something else. The game was made by Dedalord.
Running Fred is a 3D running game similar to the popular Temple Run but at the same time not very similar to the Temple Run. Fred has only one mission, run from Death. Of course, no one is immortal and Death will catch up on poor Fred eventually, but that doesn’t stop him (and you) from trying to save his life. As Fred runs for his life, with Death close behind, he must evade all sorts of traps some sadist put on his way. From floor spike traps and rotating mauls to endless abyss on both sides and razor-sharp blades all around, it seems someone really wants Fred dead. But do not despair, because once dead, Fred will be revived when you try again, and again… The more I think of it, the more the setting of this game sounds like Hell where the score is measured in distance reached before dying. To help Fred you take control of his character and avoid traps by using the left and right Arrow keys as well as the Space bar to jump.
All in all, Running Fred is a fun game to spend some time on, just enough to check the hellish traps set before the poor guy, but nothing more than that.