Rabbit Fable

Each and every one of us is trying to be accepted by the world. But sometimes, the world is forcing us to convert our original ideas into a pre-defined structure. That can be challenging and the more it happens, the less we have of our original self. Ultimately we either give up on ourselves or the world. Rabbit Fable, made by Antennaria, is a story of a rabbit which is doing its best to synchronise with the world.
Rabbit Fable is a point-and-click adventure Flash game, set in a world combined of photographs and art. As you start your story, you gain control of a black rabbit which is trying to find a place for his toy house. Facing rejection after rejection, he is forced to adapt his house to the demands of the grabbing hands. I wish not to reveal too much of the story in order to keep your interest in the game.
All communication in the game is non-verbal, with expressions and sounds as the main components of the dialogue. Sounds vary from gentle gurgles, to sharp high-pitched tones, which adds even more to the already surreal setting. The drawings and pictures are very well intertwined, providing the feeling of a genuine complexity of the world and its characters.
Sometimes, however, the inventory bar remains open and it can obstruct parts crucial to the game. In addition, the rabbit seems to be moving rather slowly at times, which can be a source of frustration for some. It could be that it was meant to be that way to add more effect to the story.
On the other side, puzzles are creative, functional and logical (mostly) which makes the game playable without lingering too long on one scene.
To conclude, Rabbit Fable is a great game for those who enjoy a good point and click game with a surreal surroundings. I believe that everyone who plays this game to the end takes a different message from it and that is what gives it such great value.