Instantaneous Combustion Syndrome 2

Vampires are very well incorporated into our modern lives. From books, movies, Halloween costumes, vampires have become a normal sight. A lot of games have chosen vampires as their main character as well. Instantaneous Combustion Syndrome 2 (I. C. S. 2) is one of them. The game was created by Miroko, Nipitpon Wongsuparatkul and Alec Shea.
I. C. S. 2 is a platformer with a retro design. You play as a silver haired vampire dressed as a superman fan. The goal of each level is rather simple, get to the door which lead to the next one. However, the creators of this game had in mind what many before them forgot; vampires burn in direct sunlight. Therefore, if you walk into a part of the level which isn’t shadowed, your character slowly becomes smoking hot. If you do not find some shade or some water fast, the poor guy you control will turn into a running fireball until ultimately all that is left of him is some bone crisps. At that point you will respawn at the nearest checkpoint.
The thing I found the most enjoyable is the way each level is set. Each one has its own uniqueness and it takes a bit of logic to find the way out. On top of that, there are some water bottles scattered around the levels which can mean the difference between life or Instantaneous Combustion Syndrome. As for the controls, classic Arrow keys are used to move around. In addition, J key is the “use” button and K key is used for jumping and sliding under low ceilings.
All in all, I. C. S. 2 is a pretty good platformer, with an original setting (except for its prequel) and interesting gaming mechanisms.