Submachine 2: the lighthouse

It is hard to be a gamer today. Almost every week a new game from a franchise you played before is released. Whether you have a job or are still in the education process, at one point you are forced to choose between two titles. The struggle is real. What if you buy the wrong game? What if you end up disappointed? How much money are you prepared to invest in a game? Those are the questions a gamer faces almost on a daily basis. We are bombarded by advertisements, previews and gameplay videos which make us drool on the keyboard, but then you remember that you are (almost) an adult and you have to be responsible towards yourself and the people around you. You decide not to play a game you’d like because the effect it will have on your life. Luckily, there are plenty of short online games when you’re in a mood to play something but not wasting most of your free time on it. One of those games is Submachine 2: the lighthouse, made by Mateusz Skutnik.
Submachine is a point-and-click adventure game series which takes you on a journey to discover the secrets of the Submachine, a huge underground complex filled with puzzles and machines. The puzzles make a worthy opponent and finishing the game without looking at a walkthrough is an achievement of its own. A part which got me hooked is the very beginning of Submachine 2. In a short intro video, a text (your thoughts) appear on the screen, saying that you didn’t wake up in a random room and you DO remember entering the Submachine (which all happened in Submachine 1), unlike tons of other similar games who use random waking up and amnesia as a background story, In addition, all graphic design was hand drawn by the author of the game, which adds to the uniqueness of the entire series.
All in all, Submachine 2: the lighthouse is a game for a true adventurer, who likes a puzzling challenge and enjoys hand-made graphics.