Destination Kepler

The strive for exploring (and ultimately conquering the universe) is getting stronger by the day. We, as a species, are quite aware that the Earth can take only so much from us before we completely destroy it. Luckily, a new Earth-like planet appeared! A new hope for humanity in case of a total nuclear fallout. Coincidentally, that’s exactly what happened in Destination Kepler, a game by Antony and Lucy Lavelle that you can play on CrazyGames.
Destination Kepler is an idle clicker game, meaning you don’t have to run around endless dungeons, or fear the abyss between two platforms; you can just sit back, relax and click your way through. In order to get your rocket on the way you have to hire a crew and do some research, which is in a way also a tutorial on how to play the game. Once on the way, you can keep your crew busy by sending them to be a part of the Research Team, Mining Team or Medical Team. Do not worry, though. You can transfer crew members from one team to another easily.
There are 50 planets altogether in Destination Kepler, each can be orbited around and crew can be sent on missions which will in return give you gold but injure your crew which will then be sent to the Medical Team. Research Team produces research points which can be used to upgrade various stats of your spaceship. While travelling between planets, your Mining Team will destroy nearby comets to gather resources which are crucial to start the missions once in orbit around a planet.
The most amusing part of the game are the notifications of completed missions. The messages are randomized which in return can produce some hilarious explanations. For example: “The crew had their nostrils vigorously smacked and have been sent to Recovery Bay to heal”.
All in all, Destination Kepler is an amusing game, for a while. After that it just gets repetitive and only those with extreme patience will reach Kepler in the end.