4 Differences

Differences are the blessing which makes each of us special. Sometimes we enjoy to be different from the others. On other occasions, however, we decide to put our differences aside. There are also unfortunate times when we judge others by their differences. No matter what we do, differences will always surround us, and the only thing we can do is accept them. Or is it? Cue 4 Differences, a game by Ivoryboy.
4 Differences is a mouse-only game with the main focus on finding four specific differences between two seemingly identical pictures. One might say: “Ok, yeah, it’s a game of spot the difference. What’s so special about it?” The difference which differentiates 4 Differences from other, different games of the same type is the way the pictures are presented. This is not your two-pictures-on-a-split-screen game, instead the pictures are merged in an interactive way. Some pictures are mirrored in a way which makes them seem like there’s only one picture on the screen. Others will move with your cursor to a certain degree which adds the sense of flow to a usually very stationary game. Each scene is subtly marked with the number of differences which remain to be found. The aspect of the game which I find to be original is the interactions with the scenery. On occasion, finding one difference will trigger an animation or movement in the pictures which may, or may not lead to finding another difference. A couple of scenes are completely made in motion, as if watched from inside a moving train. Needless to say, all of the chosen images are beautiful and the differences aren’t always easily spotted.
All in all, 4 Differences is an original spot-the-difference game, showing that great effort was put in it and, in return, providing an incredible amount of fun which cannot be said for the vast majority of this type of games.