Sacred Treasure

Role playing games have been slowly disappearing from the headlines of gaming portals for quite some time now. despite all free software in which you can create your own RPG (or maybe because of it) this game type is slowly withering away. That’s why it is so refreshing to stumble upon an enjoyable and promising RPG. I am talking about Sacred Treasure, a game by IriySoft.

Sacred Treasure is a combination of turn-based and real time RPG in a functional and creative way. At the very beginning, as it should be, you are prompted to choose between three classes: Valkyre – a strong, flying fighter which can also use magic, Sorceress – physically weak but able to use magic from a distance, and a Knight – melee character which utilizes a sword and a shield as his weapons. What makes this game different from the others is the fact that there is no open-world, instead the game is based on a level-clearing element (entering and clearing the dungeons in order to proceed to the next one). Now, usually the dungeon-clearing system has a turn-based combat. In Sacred Treasure, however, enemies are located on fixed locations on the map and will not fight you until you attack them, which makes it easier to collect loot or enchantments before attacking a stronger enemy.
Another aspect of the game which I often find boring and repetitive is the conversation between characters. In Sacred Treasure, the first non-playable character you meet is cursed by an evil witch. What’s peculiar is the spell: the curse prevents the NPC from lying. There are many more examples of witty conversations throughout the game. All in all, Sacred Treasure is a refreshing occurrence in current dark times of RPG games.