Rebuild 2

Zombies are today’s most developed science fiction. There are some people who have actually created zombie-proof houses. Nowadays, zombies are so popular that games which originally had nothing to do with zombies now implement them into their game play (Call of Duty, I’m talking about you). On the other side, there are a ton of games which use zombies as the main enemy/storyline. One of those games is Rebuild 2, made by Northway Games.
Rebuild 2 is a strategic management game in which your character finds a few blocks of a big city in which people survived and decides to help them rebuild. In a short two-page introduction you can choose your gender, name yourself and the city as well as choose the size of the city you’re about to rebuild.
The game has a turn-based concept in which you can manage your survivors by giving them tasks such as scouting unidentified locations, recruiting more survivors, killing zombies, scavenging for food and defending the base. Some of the locations bring extra food when conquered, other increase maximum population cap. There are also specialised buildings such as hospitals, churches, research labs and police stations and each of them has its own benefits. With the end of each day, there is a chance of a zombie attack on the base so a certain number of survivors is always needed to protect it. Every once in a while a huge horde of zombies will attack in an organised manner requiring good preparation. On occasion items are found which can be equipped on survivors to increase their stats. The game can be ended in several different ways which makes it all the more immersive and challenging.
All in all, Rebuild 2 is a beautiful zombie game made for all those who like to micromanage their way out of their problems.