Two steps forward…

Past [noun]: the time before the moment of speaking or writing. Each and every one of us has memories of events in their past which they are not proud of. There are even times when events from the past haunt us. But one thing is certain: you can’t escape your past. Or can you? One Step Back, developed by Armor Games, addresses this question in a magnificent manner.
One Step Back is a platform game which puts you in control of a stick figure character desperately trying to run away from his past. The concept of the game is to run from the door you came in to the door which will lead you further away from your troublesome past. Each time you succeed a thought of the character you are playing with appears, also providing insight what the next level will look like and what aspect of his past the character is running away from. In order to escape you need to fill the escape door with blue energy, which is done with moving around the room. In this game, there are no traps, no monsters or enemies. Your only enemy is yourself. Each step you make fills the door you started from with white energy which, when full, creates an image of you. Your images follow your footsteps. On a linear level there is no particular problem. However, when facing a round room or when the doors are next to each other, each step needs to be calculated because if your past catches up to you all your efforts were useless (and you have to restart the level).
Can one escape his/her past or even reach back and confront it? You might find out if you finish this marvellous albeit short game.