Jelly Truck – Not so childish as it seems!

There are games which appear childish and easy at first glance but once you start to play them you realize they are far from both. One of those games is Jelly Truck, made by gameTORNADO.
Jelly Truck is a physics platform game in which you are in control of a truck (sometimes a tractor or a different vehicle) which has all the aspects of a jelly. It is wiggly, adaptable and bounces back to its original state. The task sounds simple: drive the truck from the beginning of the level to the flag which marks the end. There is a reason why our vehicles aren’t made of jelly though. It is very hard to drive when you bounce off anything that is even remotely solid. It is even harder to keep both wheels (the game has a side view, there are probably two other wheels in another, third dimension somewhere) on the ground. But that is also this game’s biggest plus: something innovative which will make you do your best from one level to another until the game is finished. In order to control the truck you need the arrow keys: up for throttle, down for reverse, left and right to adjust the truck’s alignment.
Another charming aspect is the graphic design of the game. The world is constructed of coloured blocks which makes the whole game bright and enjoyable. It feels like one of those times back when you were a child, just playing with anything your hands could grab and creating magnificent worlds in your head while doing so.
There is a downside too. While loading the game, a logo appears and it takes a while until you can actually play the game. During that time an annoying tune is played which can’t be stopped. But that is a minor setback and if you can get over that then you are up for some harmless, colourful fun!