Logic is becoming a rarity in the general human population, especially in kids and adolescents. Why would you want to solve puzzles and think when you can cheat or just give up? Even worse, you can use your parents’ money to buy your way to the end of most games. Logic is slowly dying but there are still some great games out there, waiting to be found and thought about even when they are not played. One of those games is Continuity, a game by Elias Holmlid, Dmitry Kurteanu, Guy Lima Jr and Stefan Mikaelsson.
Continuity is a maze-like puzzle platform game in which a player controls a stick figure who needs to collect all the keys before reaching a red door which lead to the next level. Sounds simple enough. And it would be, were there not a twist. Each level is split into several scenes which can be moved around and mutually combined in various ways. The only limiting factor is that the end of one scene must have the same shapes as the beginning of the next one. Scenes can be set either side by side or above or below one another. This allows for an increased number of options and forces the player to think about his possibilities and movement. As the game progresses more scenes appear per level as well as more keys. The game consists of thirty two levels which provide pure joy and sense of achievement when completed.
Controls are rather simple. By using space, player can enter a scene which contains the stick figure or zoom out to change the order of the scenes. All other movement is controlled by the arrow keys.
Continuity is like a beacon, standing proud and showing gamers that logic may be scarce, but will never go out of style.