Idle Online Universe – A great free RPG

You don’t have to pay a lot of money to play a good game. In fact, one of the best games are free to play. Even though some of the massive multiplayer online games give you an opportunity to play for free, you can expect some (or most) of the content to be accessible only to paying players. Then again, even small games which appear on social media will offer some sort of resources in exchange for your money.

Idle Online Universe is an massive multiplayer online game. As such, it doesn’t have a specific task which will lead you to the end of the game. Instead it offers a whole bunch of activities to keep a player involved in the game as long as possible. Main source of experience and income is Hunting. In Hunting you have nine planets, each containing a set of regular enemies and several bosses. Only by defeating all the creatures on a planet can you travel to the next one. There are four key aspects in a fight: auto attacking, attacking by clicking on an enemy, time and pets. When facing an enemy, you will periodically strike an enemy. If you own a pet, it will also attack on its own. To increase the damage done you can manually attack by left clicking on an enemy. The enemies don’t fight back, though. Instead each enemy has a timer next to its stats. If the timer reaches zero before you’ve defeated an enemy, you will be moved to fight a lower tier enemy. Money earned during hunting can be used to buy upgrades, as per usual.

In order to get more resources you can go harvesting for wood and mining for ore. By harvesting/mining you use their points which get refilled as time passes. Challenges on the other hand give permanent bonuses to damage if completed. Idle Online Universe is an interesting enough game, especially if you have some extra time each day to keep on playing.