A stick game that you will find hilarious

Stick figures are one of the oldest ways the humans have drawn themselves. Each and every one of us has drawn their parents, friends or other important persons as stick figures when they were a kid. It is no wonder that, in a world where information and creativity can be shared so easily, stick figures remain in our everyday lives. Cue Fleeing The Complex, another great stick game by Puffballs United.

Fleeing The Complex is a short flash game in which all the characters are (I cannot believe you guessed it, how can you do that!?) stick figures. You play as Henry Stickman, a convicted criminal sent to The Wall which is a maximum security prison. After a short intro movie you start playing the game. You are often presented with multiple options on how to approach the situation you are currently in. Most of them will get you brutally killed in the funniest ways imaginable, some will lead to you being captured again while only a few will lead you to freedom in the end. Methods of approach range from simple and logical ones, to science fiction technologies and pure luck. For example, if you eat a cookie in a cell you will die a weird death, but when facing imminent death if you make a silly face it might save your life. There are five very different ways of escaping The Wall, each with their own timeline. If you want to choose a different method for a specific situation, you can pick the exact moment on the map. Game has achievements for those patient enough to play the whole game over while searching for Easter eggs.
All in all, Fleeing The Complex is a great flash game, with well drawn environment and good voice acting. It is a game that will make most of the gamers giggle with some really cool references scattered throughout the game.